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  • New BDS Website: Building Dialogue through Science

    Building Dialogue through Science, or BDS, is a website that features the many and varied scientific studies that rely on close collaboration between Israeli researchers and those in different countries. Featured are popular articles that describe the history of Israeli-international scientific cooperation, research that has resulted from that cooperation and the people involved, as well links to scientific papers.

  • Fleishman_Thinkstock_malaria_low
    Programmed Proteins Might Help Prevent Malaria

    Malaria is still a global scourge, killing mostly children in tropical regions. Developing an inexpensive vaccine that can stay stable without refrigeration has so far eluded scientists. Now, Dr. Sarel Fleishman's lab has reprogrammed proteins in such a way that they could lead to a new and effective vaccine.

  • A Year of Achievements and Advances

    Looking back at 2016 reveals an exceptional year at the Weizmann Institute, one chock-full of major developments from unprecedented insight into our universe to better understanding of our modern world to truly life-changing – and life-saving – breakthroughs in cancer and medical research. Here are some highlights.

  • I Was Afraid of Dying – But I Had to Save Them

    As Good Housekeeping reports, “despite her terror of the ocean, mother-of-two Tamara Loiselle found the courage to dive in and save a drowning couple.” What makes a hero? How are some people able to overcome fear? GH uses Weizmann neuroscience research from the lab of Prof. Yadin Dudai to explain.

  • Better Energy for a Brighter Future

    Our rapidly changing climate makes it more imperative than ever to have reliable, affordable forms of energy. As head of the Institute’s Alternative Energy Research Initiative, Prof. David Cahen is helping to make this happen – both through his own work and by issuing grants to Weizmann scientists pursuing alternative energy solutions.

  • StrigAway Puts a Hex on Witchweed

    Striga – aka witchweed – infests more than 405 million acres of sub-Saharan land, causing African farmers to lose up to 100% of their crops, resulting in widespread hunger and financial hardship. StrigAway, an herbicide developed by a group that includes the Weizmann Institute, keeps the weed from attaching to the plant – and improves life for around 100 million people.

  • Capturing the Sun: Weizmann Scientists at The Gregory School

    Prof. David Cahen, head of the Weizmann Institute’s Alternative Energy Research Initiative, and colleague Prof. Leeor Kronik discuss humankind’s energy problem – specifically, that we cannot keep using energy as we do today – and potential solutions, such as use of highly efficient solar power. The event was held at The Gregory School in Tucson.

  • Limitless: Fulfilling the Potential of the Human Brain

    The human brain is “limitless” – and yet, sometimes things go wrong. In this video, Prof. Noam Sobel, Dr. Assaf Tal, Prof. Michal Schwartz, Prof. Alon Chen, Dr. Tali Kimchi, Dr. Ofer Yizhar, Prof. Daniel Zajfman, and Prof. Yadin Dudai talk about studying the brain in health and disease, always learning “what it means to be human, what it means to think, what it means to remember.”

  • Weizmann Professor Finds Merit in Papal Document on Climate Change

    Renowned plant scientist and Professor Emeritus Jonathan Gressel spoke to the St. Louis Jewish Light about parasitic weeds, greenhouse gases, and the Pope’s encyclical on climate change. Supporting the Pope’s statement that manmade climate change is a global threat, Prof. Gressel says frankly: “there will be more global warming.”

  • Are You a Handshake Sniffer?

    Rita J. King, Co-Director of Science House and Weizmann Advocate for Curiosity, writes about “the incredible” Prof. Noam Sobel’s findings that people tend to sniff their hands – subconsciously, of course – after shaking someone else’s hand. Perhaps counterintuitively, we actually sniff longer after shaking the hand of someone of the same gender.