Innovative Project-Based Fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising gives you unprecedented power to inspire family and friends to donate to a cause that matters to you. We make it easy to select a meaningful project that you are passionate about, share it widely, and raise support and awareness.


Watch Video: Getting Started With Project-Based Fundraising

Share Your Passion Through
Project-Based Fundraising

The Weizmann Institute seeks solutions to some of the most challenging issues facing humanity. Our six areas of achievements — Fighting Cancer, Improving Health & Medicine, Enriching Education, Exploring the Physical World, Protecting Our Planet, and Advancing Technology — offer compelling fundraising projects that are vital to our mission … and meaningful for you.

Are you ready to make a difference today? Start your own online peer-to-peer fundraising campaign. Your efforts will provide funding for Weizmann’s life-changing research, create new networks of supporters, and raise awareness for our scientists’ mission: Science for the Benefit of Humanity.

Choose a Project

Find Your Cause

Create a Fundraiser

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Fundraising Made Simple

Supporting a cause that is meaningful to you is easy: just choose a research project, then share it with family and friends. Your involvement directly helps scientists make crucial advances in health and medicine, education, environment, and technology – for the benefit of everyone, everywhere.

Our Fundraising Toolkit and Resource page walks you through the simple steps to becoming a fundraiser, sharing your cause with others, and making a true difference in the world. It’s that easy.